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SLG partners with clients to assess patient satisfaction and offer actionable and effective improvement strategies.

It All Starts With The Survey

Measure satisfaction to get a handle on how your patients view your practice and discover your opportunities to improve.

Flexibility & Customization

We offer flexible distribution methods and survey form customization to create a program that will best meet your needs.

Real-time feedback

Patient feedback is captured as soon as a patient enters their survey responses and is available immediately via our Online Reporting Portal.


Take a deeper look into your data with our custom, interactive dashboard. Track responses, comments, composite scores and much more.

Online report access

Our Client Portal includes an extensive set of reports, with access levels tailored to each organization.

Online Ratings Tool

Prompt patients to leave feedback on Yelp or Google following survey completion.

Additional Service Recovery

Our Request-for-Contact Management tool offers extended service recovery to patients.

Benchmarking by speciality

We survey over 3,000,000 patients each year, providing a robust data set with over 1,800,000 responses, covering more than 42 specialties, over the past 3 years.

Easy-to-read reports

Using input from physicians, healthcare leaders and statisticians, our reports are designed to be statistically reliable and easy-to-understand.

Regression analysis

Our statisticians provide linear regression modeling, helping you understand what aspects of the care experience are most predictive of your key drivers and what is most important to your patients.

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Patient Responses in our 3-year database


Client Success

Dig deeper beyond your patient survey data

Insider Engagement Surveys

Measure the perceptions of critical workplace factors, which directly correlate to patient satisfaction.

Set priorities for improving:

  • Insider Satisfaction and engagement
  • Loyalty
  • Commitment to Your Mission
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Referring Physician Surveys

What do patients say when they return to their primary care physician? Learn how your referral sources rate your practice using surveys. You can also use this as an opportunity to market your practice and offer new information about providers, services, and hours.


Mystery Patient Shopping

Feedback from our mystery shopping programs provide additional layers of data in understanding how patients experience your practice. We offer:

  • Mystery Patient Calls
  • Mystery Patient Visits
  • Self-Directed Mystery Patient Visits
  • Sit & See Observations

"SullivanLuallin Group brings a wide ranging experience and deep insight into patient needs. Their presentations are engaging, realistic and actionable."

-Chief Medical Officer

Go Beyond Surveys

SLG Provides a C.L.E.A.R. Path for Educating Your Healthcare Team

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Scripts for making a positive first impression


Techniques for making patients feel heard


Strategies for ensuring that patients understand instructions


Scripts to ensure that patients have all their questions answered


Techniques for ending the encounter on a positive note

Training and Coaching

Clinician Seminars

The provider-patient relationship is the single biggest driver to patient satisfaction so it's vital that clinicians have the knowledge and skills to ensure a more positive patient experience. Seminar themes include:

  • Clinician-Patient Communication
  • Getting Real About Burnout
  • Motivating Patient Behaviors
  • Managing Patient Expectations
  • The Power of Emotional Connection
  • Efficiency and Flow

Clinician Shadow Coaching

One-on-one shadow coaching by an experienced, objective third-party gives providers immediate feedback:

  • During a typical workday
  • In a natural setting
  • With their actual patients

Online Physician Communication CME

SLG has partnered with Astute Doctor Education to bring CME-accredited web-based clinician-patient communication training to your physicians.

Delivered in 15-minute interactive segments, these courses include:

  • Engaging, self-paced content
  • Simple-to-access material for all medical practice specialties
  • Patient-centered empathic interpersonal communication techniques
  • Practical strategies that address common challenges facing providers

Service Quality Training

Implement targeted service protocols for healthcare employees to ensure a consistent, positive experience at each and every patient touchpoint.

Positive Results

A Total Improvement Strategy

The ability to manage for change is crucial to any continuous improvement effort. Following an organization’s assessment efforts and improvement activities, a critical stage is ensuring that the effort and resources invested are properly managed and sustained.


Industry Partnerships