Another option for collecting patient feedback outside of the patient survey program is to have mystery shopping at your practice. Feedback from our mystery shopping programs provide additional layers of data in understanding how patients experience your practice.

Feedback from our mystery caller program helps managers maintain service quality by conveying to staff members that every call is required to be answered with the highest standards of customer care. Additionally, managers will have the ability to recognize outstanding service and take measures to address those areas that need to be improved.

Mystery calls are completed using a customized checklist over a period of time. The individual call reports provide specific feedback regarding how callers are treated in a straightforward, easy-to-read manner. Key service indicators include but not limited to:

  • Overall ease of scheduling the appointment
  • Ease of using the telephone system/auto attendant
  • Tone, manner, attentiveness and warmth of scheduler/receptionist
  • Helpfulness of scheduler/receptionist
  • Thoroughness of information given to patients

An SLG consultant can complete one or more mystery patient visits in a medical setting to identify strengths and limitations from the patient’s perspective. Utilizing a customized checklist, SLG provides feedback on the following areas of an encounter (including but not limited to):

  • Appointment scheduler, hold times, appointment availability, general impressions
  • Visit feedback on office appearance and signage, comfort, staff interactions, wait times, and exam room procedures
  • Provider Performance including greeting techniques, active listening skills, method for ending the encounter
  • Check out process and parting comments at patient departure

A great option to garner feedback from patients is through self-directed mystery patient visits. We’ll work with you to use your own patients who will function as “mystery shoppers” and report on their experience, using a customized form. It’s proven to be cost effective for small and larger organizations alike. The general steps include:

  • Identify organizational liaison to work with SLG
  • Identify sites/physicians to be shopped
  • Customize encounter checklist
  • Customize cover letter to email to patients
  • SLG emails the mystery patient information to patients
  • Receive patient feedback following scheduled encounters
  • Provide a token of appreciation to participating patients following their completion of the customized checklist

Our Sit & See program involves SLG-trained observers who sit unobtrusively in the reception areas, waiting rooms and hospital lobbies to watch the interaction between employees and patients and their families. In addition, we note the surroundings including:

  • Signage
  • Cleanliness
  • Ease of access
  • As well as other member “pleasing or displeasing” features/incidents

Each Sit & See lasts approximately 45-60 minutes using a customized checklist we work with you to finalize.