Our customized programs establish a culture of patient-centered care and exceptional service, motivating and inspiring care team members to go the “extra step.” Lively and interactive workshops introduce all members of the care team to our C.L.E.A.R. model of service protocols used by highly rated healthcare organizations nationwide.

During the employee workshop, we communicate the importance of Service Protocols and the scripts that make them come alive. Through a series of activities and exercises we present an easy to remember acronym, C.L.E.A.R. that guides staff through every step of the patient encounter, and is easy for managers to watch for.

  • C onnect: Procedures for greeting and treating patients that make a positive first impression
  • L isten: Techniques for making patients feel valued and heard especially when handling complaints or telephone calls
  • E xplain: Strategies for ensuring that patients go through their encounter understanding prescription instructions
  • A sk: Scripts to ensure that patients have had all of their questions answered and their needs met
  • R e-connect: Techniques for ending the encounter and departure on a positive note

Workshop Objectives:

  • UNDERSTAND how patient expectations and payer requirements have expanded the “service” roles of medical professionals
  • LEARN how to communicate more effectively both in person and on the telephone with patients, visitors, and co-workers
  • LEARN how to deal with difficult patients and their complaints without “losing

The telephone is the portal to the practice. Staff members who deal with callers can leave a lasting first impression, either positive or negative. This program provides proven techniques for making callers feel valued and reinforces the importance of delivering excellent service on the phone.

Workshop Objectives:

  • REVIEW Service Protocols for communicating more effectively and making callers feel important
  • LEARN secrets for responding to challenging or demanding callers
  • PRACTICE the 5-step model for handling caller complaints

A well-run physician practice relies on a high-performing front office team with the skills to ensure patients have access to care when they need it and the ability to facilitate effective patient flow. Efficient processes uncover hidden capacity, minimize unnecessary waiting and creates a better patient care experience. This workshop is designed to embrace the challenges the front office encounters and offers concrete tools to improve access and flow.

Workshop Objectives:

  • UNDERSTAND the role the front of office staff in the overall success of the practice
  • LEARN ways to measure and manage critical processes to improve access and flow
  • EMPOWER front office staff to be active participants in the change management process
  • PROVIDE tools for staff and managers to evaluate processes and make lasting changes

Looking for an easy, entertaining way to teach your staff members the simple behaviors that correlate with high patient satisfaction scores? In 24 fast-paced minutes, the “Five Star Service is C.L.E.A.R.” DVD presents easy-to-remember service protocols and scripts in five categories that all staff members – both front and back office – can use to enhance the patient experience.

What is C.L.E.A.R.?

  • Connect – Specific techniques for making a great first impression
  • Listen – Strategies for making patients feel valued and listened to
  • Explain – Ways to ensure patients understand information/instructions
  • Ask – Scripts to make certain that patients get their needs met
  • Reconnect – Techniques for ending the patient visit on a positive note

To help you present the DVD, you’ll also receive an Information Guide with suggested introductory remarks and a set of discussion questions for follow up after showing the video. Also included is a Service Matrix to hand out to your staff.

Watch the first 3 minutes of the DVD!