Following an organization’s assessment efforts and improvement activities, a critical stage is ensuring that the effort and resources invested are properly managed and sustained. The ability to manage for change is crucial to any continuous improvement effort.

Research shows that employees are less motivated by what an organization says and more focused on what their direct manager and/or supervisor is managing for. As a result, true success is achieved when organizations can empower their management team to manage for change. One way to immediately impact success is by elevating the changes to the level of protocols introduced in the improvement phase.

Our many years working with healthcare organizations has proven that this is best achieved when improvement efforts include all members of the team, from senior leadership, clinicians and staff across the entire group. SLG has considerable resources that provide your management team the tools they need to implement a continuous improvement program that will stand the test of time. These include such things as manager workshops, a manager’s toolkit that includes a multitude of activities for your managers.

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