We partner with our clients and guide them through the A.I.M. process with every engagement.


First, there needs to be measures with which to evaluate your performance. These measures can take the form of surveys, mystery shopping and other key quality tools available within your organization. (i.e. data from your EHR, phone system, patient portal, etc.).

Our years of experience measuring patient sentiment and operational data has given us the ability to analyze data from multiple sources. We will provide a clear understanding of where your organization can achieve the greatest level of improvement in key outcomes such as quality, overall satisfaction and willingness to recommend.


Once improvement efforts are uncovered, an action plan needs to be created. We have numerous tools designed to help clinicians, managers and staff work together to develop effective strategies to improve scores. These tools can be in the form of sharing proven tips and techniques based on your data analysis, workshops for clinicians, managers and staff and one-on-one coaching for clinicians.

Our wide-range of tools and resources allow us to develop solutions customized for you to meet your organization’s specific needs and challenges.


The final component is ensuring that the effort and resources invested in your improvement program are not wasted because they are not sustained. Research shows that employees are less motivated by what an organization says and more focused on what their direct manager is managing for.

True success is achieved when organizations can empower their management team to manage for change. After many years of working with healthcare organizations we have uncovered that change is best achieved when improvement efforts include all members of the team, from senior leadership to front-line staff.

We provide your management team the tools they need to implement a continuous improvement program that will stand the test of time. These resources include manager workshops and a toolkit of activities.

We invite you to partner with us to create a better care experience with A.I.M.

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