All of our programs have been updated to incorporate the new realities in healthcare.


Our most effective coaching and support to help providers become aware of how communication styles help or hinder patient engagement.


Take Your Own Temperature sessions. Intended for sharing experiences and developing strategies for professional well-being.

A C.L.E.A.R. Path for Telehealth Providers

As telehealth and video appointments become more prevalent, our team is available to assist your team as they adopt a new way of practicing medicine. Our C.L.E.A.R. communication model will support providers and staff in efficient, effective, and satisfying digital patient encounters.

Get Started

Quickly establish a personal  connection with the patient digitally, establish confidentially and confidence on the telephone or video visit.

Adapt your listening skills to the online world.

Learn to thrive with fewer nonverbal cues from your patient. Make your empathy and teaching effective in this new environment.

Make a point of checking in with the patient about their perspective.

How to end with hope and partnership during uncertain times.